It is vitally important to us that learners work towards qualifications that have a meaning to them, are beneficial to their schools and are achievable.

By offering a range of courses, clients and learners can make informed choices to select the course which best suits their needs.

Whilst providing learners with sector-relevant and recognised accreditation pathways, assisting them with gaining entry to further educational courses and or employment/apprenticeships.

What do our Sessions include?

  • Qualified and experienced Environmental Studies Ltd Instructors
  • Mini Bus transport
  • All necessary tools and equipment and assessment materials
  • All essential Personal Protective Equipment
  • Session based reviews, monitoring attendance and attainment of learners
  • Risk assessments for sites and activities
  • Workshop, ICT suite and classroom facilities (available at all times) to ensure successful completion of courses for learners
  • £5,000,000 public liability insurance Assessment and internal verification process
  • LEBC approved venue, instructors and equipment
  • Access to Charnwood Forest and Leicester City Council woodland and wetland sites for a variety of work experiences.
  • Workshop use for an alternative venue during foul weather and for coursework completion
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